Twitter Has Reached A $7 Million Settlement With Whistle-Blower

Twitter Has Reached A $7 Million Settlement With Whistle-Blower

Twitter Has Reached A $7 Million Settlement With Whistle-Blower

Twitter Has Reached A $7 Million Settlement With Whistle-Blower

Peiter Zatko, a former top security official for Twitter who was sacked for raising issues with the firm’s security procedures, and the company came to a $7 million settlement in June.

The settlement was made public by Elon Musk’s attorneys on Tuesday at a court proceeding. Musk is attempting to back out of a $44 billion purchase of Twitter. During the hearing, Mr. Musk’s attorneys successfully argued that the allegations made by Mr. Zatko regarding Twitter’s alleged misrepresentation of its security standards should be considered in the contract dispute.

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During the court, Mr. Musk’s lawyer, Alex Spiro, stated, “They’re paying the guy $7 million and making sure he’s quiet.”


On Wednesday, a court said that Mr. Musk could speak with respect to the security issues brought up by Mr. Zatko during

Twitter Has Reached A $7 Million Settlement With Whistle-Blower

A spokeswoman for Twitter and a lawyer for Mr. Zatko declined to comment. Details of the settlement were earlier reported by The Wall Street Journal.

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In a whistleblower complaint to authorities in July, Mr. Zatko claimed that Twitter had misled them and the public about its security by exaggerating how it combats spam and hackers. According to him, that was a violation of a 2011 agreement Twitter made with the Federal Trade Commission, which forbade the business from deceiving users about its security and privacy safeguards.

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Mr. Zatko also suggested that Twitter had lied to Mr. Musk about how it measures the number of inauthentic accounts on its platform. The complaint dovetailed with Mr. Musk’s assertions that Twitter has not been truthful about the number of bots and spam accounts on its service, which the billionaire has cited as a reason to back out of the acquisition.

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