mPharma Purchases Majority Stake In Nigeria’s HealthPlus

mPharma Purchases Majority Stake In Nigeria’s HealthPlus

mPharma Purchases Majority Stake In Nigeria’s HealthPlus

mPharma Purchases Majority Stake In Nigeria’s HealthPlus

HealthPlus, the top pharmacy chain in Nigeria, has been bought by mPharma Africa, the continent’s top patient-centered technology-driven healthcare enterprise. An deal between mPharma and the previous investor, Alta Semper, will enable it to purchase the majority of the shares of the HealthPlus Group.

Gregory Rockson, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of mPharma, claims that the acquisition is consistent with the company’s purpose to create a healthy Africa by providing patients with life-altering healthcare services and medications.

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He claimed that mPharma’s decision to purchase the HealthPlus Pharmacy chain is a natural extension of the company’s strong commitment to enhancing patient access to high-quality, reasonably priced healthcare in Nigeria.


mPharma Purchases Majority Stake In Nigeria’s HealthPlus

What they are saying

Commening on the acquisition, Rockson said: “mPharma is deepening its long-standing commitment to Africa by reimagining primary healthcare in some of the most vulnerable communities on the continent. We continue to transform community pharmacies into primary care centers to provide affordable and accessible healthcare to all patients so they can live not just longer but healthier lives. We are optimistic about the future of healthcare for Nigerians through the acquisition of HealthPlus.”

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In her remarks on the acquisition, Afsane Jetha, Co-founder and CEO at Alta Semper Capital, said: “We are delighted about HealthPlus’ partnership with mPharma. We have a strong conviction in mPharma’s strategy of revolutionizing primary care across Africa and believe mPharma is the ideal steward for HealthPlus’s next chapter of growth. We believe mPharma’s vision is consistent with that of HealthPlus’s shareholders and employees, and we are enthusiastic to support the business through a relationship with mPharma going forward”.

mPharma Purchases Majority Stake In Nigeria’s HealthPlus

What you should know
  • While mPharma plans to continue to keep and strengthen HealthPlus as Nigeria’s leading pharmacy brand in Nigeria, the acquisition will also provide expansion opportunities for mPharma within Nigeria and a platform to expand mPharma’s mutti pharmacy retail footprint across the continent through its fast-growing QualityRx program.
  • Powered by mPharma’s proprietary Bloom software, HealthPlus will provide patients access to affordable primary care services within its pharmacies, in addition to affordable and quality medications it currently retails across 12 states in Nigeria.

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  • The HealthPlus pharmacy chain will also launch mutti, mPharma’s health membership program, which will provide both existing and new customers with discounts, interest-free “heal-now-pay-later” plans, free health screenings, and other primary care services.
  • By combining HealthPlus pharmacies with mPharma’s growing portfolio of partner mutti pharmacies and GoodHealth shops (PPMVs), mPharma’s network will grow from 224 to over 320 health facilities in Nigeria and will provide care to more than 100,000 Nigerians each month.


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