Home Business Kenya Determined On Exporting Black Tea To China

Kenya Determined On Exporting Black Tea To China

Kenya Determined On Exporting Black Tea To China
Kenya Determined On Exporting Black Tea To China

Kenya Determined On Exporting Black Tea To China

Kenya Determined On Exporting Black Tea To China

Kenya is ready to start selling black tea in China due to the country’s enormous market and growing demand for beverage. Muthoni Gichohi, the newly appointed ambassador of Kenya to Beijing, has stated this goal.

China is one of the world’s largest producers of tea and grows a wide variety of teas, but as the average income of citizens in the country’s urban areas rises, more Chinese people are showing an interest in trying tea products from other countries. According to reports, Kenyan tea is among the most popular types in the East Asian nation.

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Due to the rising demand, the Chinese government has been creating platforms to promote the tea and even allow Chinese clients to purchase the tea directly from African companies and farmers in partnership with its embassies abroad, especially in the East African countries.

Kenya Determined On Exporting Black Tea To China

The recently appointed Kenyan envoy acknowledges that although China is the largest consumer and exporter of green tea, studies suggest that consumption of black tea is also on the rise.

Gichohi, who has been on a fact-finding mission in some of Kenya’s biggest tea factories, observed that black tea, although untraditional in China, is gaining popularity and finding a market.

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“I will engage private tea manufacturers to set up factories in Kenya, so as to produce tea for export that meets their standards,” she said.

But even as the country’s diplomat promises engagements, already efforts are being made to continue opening up the Chinese market.

In an attempt to expand their client base, some of Kenya’s tea factory managers are said to have already begun engagements with marketers in China through online forums where they showcase a wide variety of tea products on offer. Dubbed ‘Meet Africa’ the platform is aiding communication between the two sides. The aim, according to those involved, is to particularly get the Chinese themselves to promote Kenyan tea and Kenyan culture.

Kenya Determined On Exporting Black Tea To China

China and Kenya enjoy good cooperation in the trade and economic sectors. Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, trade between the two sides has been increasing steadily.

In addition to exporting tea and sale of the same products online, Kenyans also benefit from the various agribusiness opportunities offered by China to African countries. One of the biggest achievements so far is the deal that allows Kenyan companies to enter China and participate directly in international exhibitions.

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Kenya also recently started exporting avocados and aquatic products to China and the envoy believes it is possible to get an even bigger market for tea, coffee, and other horticulture produce from Kenya.

The ambassador says China is a very important, strategic partner to Kenya noting that the two countries will continue collaborating in numerous other sectors such as Information Communication and Technology which now drives Kenya’s digital economy.

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