JEFF BEZOS – Biography, Age, Family, Net-worth & Businesses

JEFF BEZOS – Biography, Age, Family, Net-worth & Businesses

JEFF BEZOS – Biography, Age, Family, Net-worth & Businesses


American entrepreneur, investor and computer engineer Jeff Bezos is known as Jeff Bezos. He is the CEO and co-founder of Amazon Inc., an American global technology business based in Seattle, Washington.

In 2022, Bezos will be the second-richest person on the planet and one of the most well-known. According to Forbes Magazine’s March 2022 estimate, Bezos’ net worth is $189.2 billion.

JEFF BEZOS – Biography, Age, Family, Net-worth & Businesses


Jacklyn Gise and Ted Jorgensen welcomed Jeff Bezos into the world on January 12, 1964. Throughout the decades, the ancestors of his mother’s family settled in Texas and amassed a 25,000-acre ranch near Cotulla.

At the time of her marriage to Bezos’s father, his mother was still a minor. When her marriage to Ted Jorgensen ended, she married Cuban immigrant Miguel Bezos, who had been attending the University of Albuquerque while he was in the United States studying.



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Jeff was legally adopted by Miguel Bezos after their marriage. They then relocated to Houston, where Miguel was employed by Exxon as an engineer. For grades four through six, Jeff attended River Oaks Elementary School in Houston.

Real Name Jeffrey Preston Bezos
Profession Co-founder & CEO Amazon.Com, The Wahington Post, Blue Origin
Famous For Amazon.Com, Inc.
Physical Status
Age 58 Years
  • In centimeters- 170 cm
  • |In Feet Inches-5 ft 7 in
  • In Kilograms- 78 kg
  • In Pounds- 175 lbs
Eye Colour Light Brown
Hair Colour Grey (Semi-bald)
Personal Information
Date of Birth January 12, 1964
Religion Christian
Birth Place Albuquerque, New Mexico
Zodiac sign Capricorn
Nationality Danish American
School Name Miami Palmetto Senior High School,
College Name Princeton University
Qualifications Electrical Engineering and Computer Science B.Sc
Family Profile
Father Name Ted Jorgensen
Mother Name Jacklyn Gise
Siblings Mark Bezos, Christma Bezos
Step-Father Miguel Bezos
Children Preston Bezos and Three others
  • Mackenzie Bezos (M. 1993)
  • Lauren Sánchez
Source Of Income 55 million shares of Amazon, Blue Origin, and Many More
Appeared In 1999 – Time Person Of The Year
Net Worth, Salary $194 billion
Hobbies Travel, Vacations, Reading, Investments

JEFF BEZOS – Biography, Age, Family, Net-worth & Businesses


The Bezos family relocated to Miami, Florida, a city in the state of Florida. he went to Miami Palmetto Senior High School in Miami, Florida. In 1982, he got a Silver Knight Award from the University of Florida’s Student Science Training Program.

He founded the Dream Institute, an educational summer program for fourth, fifth, and sixth-graders, while he was still in high school. He was valedictorian of his high school.

Princeton University accepted him into their computer science program in 1982. At Princeton, he was inducted into Phi Beta Kappa and Tau Beta Pi, two of the most prestigious honor societies.

JEFF BEZOS – Biography, Age, Family, Net-worth & Businesses

He used to work during the summer. He worked as a Programmer/Analyst in Norway during the summer of 1984 before returning to California the following year to upgrade an IBM Program.

Princeton’s Students for Space Exploration and Development elected him to serve as their president. In 1986, he received a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the University of California, Berkeley.

After graduating from college, he worked for a number of Wall Street firms, including Fitel Bankers Trust and D.E. Shaw.

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JEFF BEZOS – Biography, Age, Family, Net-worth & Businesses

In 1990, he began working for D. E. Shaw & Co. in New York. At the time, he was just the second-youngest Vice President in the company. After four years in the financial industry, he decided to leave.

The online bookshop was started by Mr. Kindle in 1995. Market analysts were sceptical at first, but he quickly surpassed his rivals in the industry. The company went public in 1997.
Amazon began to broaden its offering over time. CDs and movies were added in 1998, and clothing in 2002, to the company’s offerings.

An e-commerce search engine called A9 was created by Amazon in 2003. In addition, he opened an online athletic goods store with up to 3,000 distinct brand options for his customers to browse.

The Kindle was introduced by Amazon in 2007 as a handheld electronic reading device that uses E-Ink to display text in adjustable font size, making it easier to read for those with poor eyesight.

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The Wylie Agency granted Amazon digital rights to author’s works in 2010 through an agreement with Amazon. Publishers were left out in the cold and were enraged by the decision. Readership and sales, on the other hand, rose, which benefited authors.

Jeff Bezos, CEO of, unveiled the Kindle Fire tablet computer to compete with the Apple iPad. Paperwhite’s backlit touchscreen made reading in the dark a breeze for Amazon e-book readers


JEFF BEZOS – Biography, Age, Family, Net-worth & Businesses

His other projects include Amazon Studios and Amazon Web Services. An online video service will be used to stream television shows.
Since then, Graham’s four-generation dynasty of ownership of The Washington Post and other publications linked with The Washington Post Co. has come to an end.


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Prime Air, a Bezos-led project using drones to deliver packages up to five pounds in weight and ten miles in distance, was announced in December 2013.


In 1993, Jeff Bezos married MacKenzie Tuttle, and they have two children. While working at D.E. Shaw, he married her. They have four children together. It was announced on January 9, 2019, that Bezos and MacKenzie had decided to divorce. For a long period, the couple claimed, they had been living apart from each other.

There have long been rumours that founder Jeff Bezos is dating a former news presenter and TV show host, Lauren Sánchez who was a helicopter pilot.



It is estimated that Jeff Bezos and MacKenzie Scott are the parents of four children: three sons, and one daughter. The couple had adopted a daughter from China and brought her to the United States. Preston Bezos, the 20-year-old son of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, is the subject of numerous reports.

The couple’s eldest child, Preston, is now living with his father’s new girlfriend. Like Bezos, he also enrolled at Princeton. Preston, according to rumors, is an avid traveller and a fan of Mexican cuisine.

Bezos and MacKenzie currently split custody of their children 50/50. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos was asked in an interview what advice he would give to his children when he was asked what he would tell them “Be proud of your decisions, not of your talents. ” You must discover what you truly enjoy. You’ll be overjoyed, I promise.”

It’s a safe bet that Bezos’ four children will one day inherit his enormous fortune. Jeff maintained 75 per cent of Amazon’s equity after his divorce from his ex-wife, while MacKenzie earned 25 per cent of the shares. MacKenzie also received a share in Bezos’ company worth 4%.

JEFF BEZOS INVESTMENTS & BUSINESSES TILL DATE, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN) was founded in 1994 by Jeff Bezos with a personal investment of $10,000. He served as CEO of the company until 2021. After graduating from Harvard Business School, he became a vice president at D.E Shaw, an international investment management firm. When the internet was growing at a rate of 2,300 per cent a year, he decided to leave this position. Jeff Bezos has an estimated net worth of $189.5 billion as of October 2021.

In 1998, four years after establishing, Inc., Bezos made an early $250,000 investment in Google (NASDAQ: AMZN). Alphabet Inc. today owns and operates Google (NASDAQ: GOOG). A few years later, he increased his investment to nearly $1 million, emphasizing the company’s bright future. Additionally, in 2005, Bezos established Bezos Expeditions, an investment firm dedicated to the management of his own personal assets., Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN), Jeff Bezos’ personal wealth, Bezos Expeditions, and Nash Holdings LLC, a private corporation owned by him, have all invested in various businesses. Real estate, technology, media, tourism, and charitable trusts and foundations are a few of the areas in which he makes investments. The biotech and agricultural technology companies, as well as financial institutions, are also among the many investments he makes.

JEFF BEZOS – Biography, Age, Family, Net-worth & Businesses

Bezos paid $250 million in August 2013 for the Washington Post, an American daily newspaper. The business was in dire straights at the moment. As part of the deal, Nash LLC purchased the property.

When he invested roughly $15 million in Twitter, Inc. back in 2008, (NYSE:TWTR). Other notable investments include Airbnb, Inc. (NASDAQ:ABNB), Business Insider, and Uber Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ:UBER) (NYSE:UBER).

Recent Jeff Bezos funding went to Indonesian start-up Ula, which is in the business of e-commerce. With its focus on merchants, the company plans to expand its operations in other locations. A lot of private enterprises are currently owned by billionaires.

The following is how we went about it:

Let’s take a closer look at the businesses in which Bezos has invested. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has recently invested in a number of the firms listed below, as well as those he has previously invested in through his investment firm, Bezos Expeditions.


According to a December 2021 SEC filing, Jeff Bezos owns around 10% of Amazon, the world’s largest online retailer.

Blue Origin, a space exploration business he controls, is included in Bloomberg’s investment cost assessment.

To put a price on Blue Origin is tough because of the company’s unique approach and the fact that Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is its single shareholder with no apparent desire to sell. It was revealed during a space conference in 2014 that the billionaire had spent “at least $500 million,” which was spread out over a period of 13 years starting in 2001, the year Blue Origin was formed.

Currently, as of the time of this publication, JEFF BEZOS’ net worth is about $190 billion 

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