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How To Make Money From Home In 2023

How To Make Money From Home In 2023
How To Make Money From Home In 2023

How To Make Money From Home In 2023

How To Make Money From Home In 2023

Gone are the days when everyone GOES to make money. You can now STAY (at home) to make money. And I will show you how to do that. Making money from home is not just a luxury for the lucky few who find how to go about it. It becomes a necessity when you think of the demands of having a family, taking care of kids, and meeting financial needs.

But even if you are not married, the convenience, earning potential, and endless possibilities that come with it should make you desire to make money from home.

Here are 10 broad categories of options you can pick to start earning from your home.

1. Get A Remote Full-time Job

The best solution, if you want to work from home for a long time is to find a remote full-time job. Working remotely full-time will provide you with all the advantages of working from home while also giving you the security of a regular salary.

Before recent events, remote employment was somewhat of a niche choice for employees; now, many firms recognize the value and necessity of such employment options.

You can look for online, remote, full-time jobs in your field using several online job search engines, including LinkedIn, Indeed, and Monster. 

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But because of its comprehensive and user-friendly search tools, ZipRecruiter is my preferred free job search engine. You can tell right away if a job allows remote workers because the word “remote” appears in the headline of many Ziprecruiter advertisements.

After you open a free account with ZipRecruiter, you can search for a job title and you will be taken to all available jobs in that field, some of which will offer remote work. If you want to get in touch with the recruiting managers directly, you will also be given their contact information.

To broaden your search, use several job-search websites. You can certainly find the remote job you’re looking for.

2. Become A Freelancer

Are you the type of creative person? Then a freelancing job may be just your next best bet. Freelancing is simply doing jobs for people without any employment contract.

They give you a project or gig, pay you after it is completed, and only call you back (if they like) when they need another project completed.

You can start freelancing by looking for remote freelance jobs on job search websites we’ve considered which also list full-time job openings.

There’s a need for freelancers in just any area of specialization you can think of. Or at least, most areas. You will find openings for freelance graphic designers, freelance photographers, and freelance writers.

In addition to the typical job search, it’s important to look through your employment history to uncover lucrative freelance jobs. Remember to get in touch with previous employers.

One of your former employers is already familiar with your work, and you never know who might be recruiting.

The main challenge of freelancing is the long payment wait and uncertainty of finding clients regularly. After finishing a freelance project, you might have to wait a few weeks before getting paid or getting another client.

During these times, you’ll need to carefully plan your finances.

3. Start An Ecommerce Business

E-commerce refers to a business model where products or services are purchased and sold online. No, you don’t need to be a tech nerd. Dedicated eCommerce platforms will help out in these online transactions by digitally transferring money and data.

There has never been a better opportunity to launch an online business than there is currently. Retail eCommerce sales were said to have exceeded about $5 trillion globally in 2021.

Running an eCommerce business follows a similar model to running a physical business only that the store is, and the transactions are completed online.

So you must have a product you want to sell to a target market, strategize your marketing to find your ideal customers, and set up an easy fulfilment process.

Knowing what goods you want to sell to consumers are the first step in creating an online store and it is mostly the hardest element of launching an eCommerce business.

4. Sell Other People’s Products 

Now, if you don’t want to go through the hassles of creating your own product, a similar way to make money from home is to sell other people’s products. And yes, you can.

There are two models you can follow under this category— dropshipping and affiliate marketing.


Dropshipping is an order fulfilment strategy where a company doesn’t hold inventory of the goods it sells. Instead, to fulfil orders, the seller sends the address of the buyer to the manufacturer and the manufacturer delivers the products.

The selling merchant serves just as an intermediary, which is the main distinction between dropshipping and the conventional retail business.

In essence, dropshipping is a partnership between a supplier and a store that serves customers. The store sets its own prices higher than that of the manufacturers and that is their profit.

There are two typical methods to start a dropshipping business. The first is to use a supplier database to independently discover one or more wholesale suppliers.

Popular online supplier databases include Worldwide Brands, SaleHoo, and AliExpress. The second is striking a deal with the company directly.

Dropshipping is frequently thought of as a simple, quick-rich strategy. Yet it isn’t. It requires a commitment to get your store up and operating and successful, just like any other e-commerce business.

Affiliate Marketing

The second way to sell another person’s products is through affiliate marketing. You can make money through affiliate marketing by helping to promote goods or services that are sold by other businesses.

You then receive payment for helping the shop or advertiser reach their goal.

Usually, a sale is that goal. However, some affiliate marketing organizations can pay you for leads, free-trial users, website clicks, or app downloads.

If done correctly, an efficient affiliate marketing approach can transform from a side gig into a lucrative online business concept by bringing in a respectable amount of money.

You are basically paid a percentage of every sale you help the company make (called a commission). Now, the company you work with and the product you promote all affect the commission rates for affiliate sales.

On average, you’ll make around 5% of the sale, but under certain circumstances. But when promoting a course or event, you could make as much as 50%.

Additionally, there are affiliate marketing organizations that offer fixed rates per sale rather than percentages. You can start earning money with an established affiliate product or service without making any initial investments because joining affiliate networks is free.

However, you just need to build and maintain a source of the traffic to whom you promote products. Although you’ll initially have to devote time to developing traffic sources, your affiliate link can nevertheless generate a consistent passive income.

5. Sell Digital Products

The next strategy you can employ to make money from home is selling digital products. This is similar to running an eCommerce business, only that you don’t have to sell physical products.

Digital products are intangible assets or media that can be sold online without the need for physical inventory to be sourced or managed. 

These goods are frequently made available for download or streaming in the form of PDFs, MP3s, videos, software, or templates. You don’t need to manage or source an inventory when you offer digital goods. Additionally, logistics and shipping are not your concerns.

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Needless to say, this model saves money. Managing inventory as well as sourcing, storing, and transporting tangible goods all cost money. With digital products, you may completely avoid these costs. 

Digital goods can be also scaled indefinitely. The difference between supplying 10 units daily and delivering 10,000 units daily is negligibly small. (However, when your business grows, you’ll need to recruit more customer service agents and modernize your website to handle the influx of visitors.)

As a result of the above, the profit margins on digital goods are quite high. Delivery of digital products can be automated fairly easily, freeing up your time to concentrate on expanding your company.

To start, your first challenge will be in finding a digital product to create

Here are some questions that might aid with your brainstorming:

  • What expertise could you teach to others based on your knowledge, abilities, or experience?
  • What can you talk about for hours? What are your interests or passions?
  • What values do you hold? Can you instruct people on how to put those values into practice?

6. Start A Blog

Blogs are more than simply a place for idle people to air their opinions on everything and everything. Blogging is a business if treated as such and can also be a respectable source of revenue.

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Finding a topic to blog about is where your blogging journey starts. This is a crucial early decision that will determine the success or failure of your blog. Even if your topic is not unique to just you, your approach must be stronger and more engaging than those of your rivals.

You should be an expert on the subject of your blog, ideally from personal experience or formal education, and be able to write about it easily. 

There are 3 primary channels of making money through a blog:

  • Display ads
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Selling your digital products.

These three channels alone can make you a good chunk of money if done well.

After you have chosen a topic, the technical aspects follow. This includes picking and purchasing a domain name, hosting and developing your website, and organizing content. 

Even though it will take a lot of work to get your first post out there, don’t give in to the need to skimp. You are, hopefully, laying the groundwork for a long-term project.

There are many ways more to monetize your blog once you’ve established a high-quality site and gained a following.

7. Start A Rental Business

Are you getting the most money out of your house? The answer is probably no if your mother-in-law suite, duplex unit, or spare bedroom is vacant.

You can generate cash from the spare space in your home without having to find a long-term tenant. You can rent out your house to business and leisure tourists on a nightly or weekly basis using apps like Airbnb, Vrbo, and HomeAway.

You could make anywhere from $40 or $50 to $500 or more per night, depending on local market rents, the size, amenities, and privacy of your space. Rentals are ridiculously easy ways to make passive income from home.

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Don’t have a spare room or extra apartment you could rent out each night? Without getting behind the wheel or even leaving your home, you can rent out your own vehicle to tourists and those who don’t own cars.

There are many apps available for renting a car. Only ensure that you read the T&Cs carefully before selecting one, and confirm that it has sufficient liability insurance to safeguard you in the event of a catastrophic collision resulting in injuries and property damage.

8. Get Cashback on Purchases

Since you must purchase to receive cash back, receiving cash back is not considered to be income. It’s more akin to saving. But it’s a terrific opportunity to earn a little additional income when you get cash back on purchases you’d already made.

Using a cash-back credit card is the most typical technique to receive cash back on purchases.

But don’t worry if your poor credit history or personal preferences prevent you from qualifying for a credit card. There are many other ways for you to get cash back on purchases made in the convenience of your own home.

A site like Rakuten is very popular for giving cashback on sales. You can start from there.

9. Become A Petsitter

Although it can be enjoyable and gratifying, pet sitting is a business just like any other. It comes with demands.

Successful pet sitters or those running legitimate doggie daycares out of their homes must make investments in regional marketing, business insurance, formal accounting, systematic recordkeeping, and sometimes even legal assistance to handle contracts and lower liability.

You can either manage all of these responsibilities on your own or delegate a lot of the labour-intensive tasks to a pet-sitting service like Rover— a platform that manages a lot of the administrative tasks associated with operating a successful home business without micromanaging your work.

Rover states that its pet sitters can make up to $1,000 per month, but actual your pay depends on client volume and effort.

10. Sell Unwanted Stuff

Wait, why not make some money by cleaning up your place before you get your hands dirty and start making money from your personal or professional skills? A fantastic method to minimize and organize your life while making some extra money is to sell your unwanted items.

If you’re making the switch to a full-time work-from-home schedule, that extra money and room may help you set up a functional home office or enable you to maintain your standard of living in tough times.

Selling your unneeded items is the definition of low-hanging fruit when it comes to earning money from home. Even if you only make deliberate purchases, you probably have items you don’t need.

Examples include outdated children’s clothing and toys, sporting equipment you no longer use, out-of-date clothing accessories, gadgets, watches, and jewellery, outdated furniture, rusty tools, outdoor gear, and even more expensive items like a motorcycle or second car.

Selling your unwanted items can be done in several ways.

The majority of successful vendors rely on online markets. eBay and Amazon are the two most widely used online marketplaces for professional and semi-professional vendors.

Both Amazon and eBay provide a wide range of tools and capabilities for merchants, but you do have to pay for them – commissions range from roughly 6% to 20% on Amazon and around 10% of the sales price on eBay.


These are just a few categories of business models you can follow to make money from home. For each of these, there is no limit to how far you can go with them depending on your level of input and skills

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