CARLOS SLIM – Biography, Age, Family, Net-worth & Businesses

CARLOS SLIM – Biography, Age, Family, Net-worth & Businesses

CARLOS SLIM – Biography, Age, Family, Net-worth & Businesses

CARLOS SLIM – Biography, Age, Family, Net-worth & Businesses


Carlos Slim is a well-known philanthropist and billionaire investor from Mexico. He now owns over 200 enterprises in a range of industries and has been ranked the richest man in the world by Forbes magazine for numerous years in a row.

From a young age, he acquired basic business practices from his father and worked in his family’s firm as a teenager. He began investing seriously after graduating from college and gradually built a multi-industry empire of conglomerates and firms, which he both established and purchased.

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And now he owns stakes in a variety of Latin American and worldwide businesses, ranging from construction and manufacturing to dry goods and tobacco. His most well-known and powerful holdings include a near-complete monopoly on the Mexican mobile phone market, which offered over 80% of the country’s mobile services at one point.

Also, part of his huge fortune goes to philanthropic programs dedicated to environmental preservation, dependable and inexpensive health care, cultural and artistic preservation, and a variety of other humanitarian objectives. He is the honorary chairman of his parent business, ‘Grupo Carso,’ for life, although many of the company’s daily tasks have been passed off to his children after he underwent heart surgery.

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Slim was born in Mexico City on January 28, 1940, to Maronite Christians from Lebanon, Julián Slim Haddad (born Khalil Salim Haddad Aglamaz) and Linda Hel Atta. He decided at a young age that he wanted to be a businessman and learned finance, management, and accounting from his father, who taught him how to evaluate, understand and read financial accounts as well as the need of keeping proper financial records.

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Slim learned about compound interest when he bought a government savings bond when he was 11 years old. He finally compiled a personal ledger book with all of his financial and business transactions, which he still has. He bought his first stock at the age of 12 when he bought shares in a Mexican bank. Slim had become a stockholder in Mexico’s largest bank by the age of 15. He started working for his father’s company at the age of 17 and earned 200 pesos a week. He went on to the National Autonomous University of Mexico to study civil engineering while also teaching algebra and linear programming.

CARLOS SLIM – Biography, Age, Family, Net-worth & Businesses

Slim, although a civil engineering major, showed an interest in economics. After finishing his engineering degree, he studied economics in Chile. Slim, who majored in civil engineering and has a background in linear programming, stated that his mathematical ability and background in linear programming helped him gain an edge in the business world, particularly when analyzing financial statements of prospective companies when making business decisions and potential investment acquisitions.



Real Name Carlos Slim Helú
Profession Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Investor, Financier and Industrialist
Famous For
Physical Status
Age 82 years old
  • In centimeters- 173 cm
  • In Feet Inches-5 ft 6in
  • In Kilograms- 90 kg
  • In Pounds- 198 lbs
Eye Colour Brown
Hair Colour White
Personal Information
Date of Birth January 28, 1940
Religion Christian
Birth Place Mexico, Mexico City
Zodiac sign Aquarius.
Nationality Mexican
School Name NIL
College Name National Autonomous University of Mexico
Qualifications The National Autonomous University of Mexico(BS)
Family Profile
Father Name Julián Slim Haddad
Mother Name Linda Helú Atta
Siblings Brothers: Julián Slim Helú and José Slim Helú

Sisterse: Alma Slim Helú, Linda Slim Helú, and Nour Slim Helú

Children Carlos Slim Domit
Marco Antonio Slim Domit
Everett Patrick Slim Domit
Soumaya Slim Domit
Vanessa Slim Domit
Johanna Slim Domit
  • Queen Noor of Jordan (Former Girlfriend)
  • Soumaya Domit Gemayel (m1967–1999)
Source Of Income Extensive holdings in a considerable number of Mexican companies through his conglomerate, Grupo Carso
Appeared In NIL
Net Worth, Salary $88.6 Billion
Hobbies Baseball




Soumaya Domit was Carlos Slim’s wife from 1967 until her death in 1999. Various charity undertakings were among her passions. Carlos, Marco Antonio, Patrick, Soumaya, Vanessa, and Johanna are Slim’s six children.

His three oldest sons have crucial positions in Slim’s corporate empire, with the majority of them being involved in the day-to-day operations.

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And in 1999, Slim had heart surgery. Slim’s favorite topics in high school were history, cosmography, and mathematics. Slim and his wife had a wonderful marriage, and he has stated that he will not remarry.

Also, Slim does not have a computer at his office and instead chooses to preserve all of his financial records on handwritten notes. He often quips that he can’t keep track of all the companies he controls because of the magnitude of his business empire. Slim is a Maronite Catholic who is a major supporter of the Legion of Christ, a Roman Catholic monastic order.

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Also, Slim routinely invests his vast fortune in philanthropic endeavors in a variety of fields, including education, health, and the arts. The ‘Fundación Carlos Slim Hel’ was founded in 1989, and his generous gifts to museums, healthcare initiatives, wildlife conservation activities. Also, a variety of other projects earned him a spot on Forbes’ list of the world’s top givers.


In 1967, Slim married Soumaya Domit, and the pair produced six children: Carlos Slim Domit, Marco Antonio Slim Domit, Everett, Patrick Slim Domit, Soumaya Slim Domit, Vanessa Slim Domit, and Johanna Slim Domit.

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Slim began his own career as a trader in Mexico, building on his father’s excellent financial base. Then, he went on to form his own brokerage that invested in individual firms. And by 1965, his capital had expanded to the point that he was forming new companies or purchasing them completely.

By 1966, he was reported to be worth $40 million and rising. Although he invested in a variety of enterprises in his early career, his primary concentration was construction, mining, and real estate, and he continued to buy businesses in those fields.

CARLOS SLIM – Biography, Age, Family, Net-worth & Businesses

Throughout the 1970s, he expanded his empire by starting and purchasing businesses in a variety of industries. By 1980, he had consolidated all of his businesses into the parent company ‘Grupo Galas,’ which included all of his holdings.

The primarily oil-based economy of Mexico suffered and collapsed in 1982, as banks were nationalized and the value of the Mexican currency Peso plunged due to declining oil prices. Slim expanded his purchase attempts throughout the next few years of the economic collapse, gaining huge stakes in Mexican subsidiaries of major corporations, including a 50% stake in ‘The Hershey Company.’

His conglomerate, ‘Grupo Carso,’ became a publicly traded firm in 1990. This is also the year he began to expand his clout in the telephone industry, partnering with ‘France Télécom’ and the ‘Southwestern Bell Corporation’ to buy the Mexican government’s phone firm, Telmex.’ This was the beginning of an almost total takeover of the country’s landline and, subsequently, mobile phone services.

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Slim’s interests began to expand beyond Latin America after decades of owning the Mexican divisions of several foreign corporations. He established a US branch of his phone company, ‘Telmex,’ and bought a stake in a US-based mobile company, ‘Tracfone.’ He also had heart surgery and began to withdraw from the day-to-day operations of his company, handing over the reins to his children and family members.

He proceeded to expand his empire in the United States and Latin America during the 2000s, buying and selling firms and growing his stakes in his long-standing mobile phone and tobacco businesses. During this time, he invested in a variety of firms, including ‘The New York Times Company,’ ‘Saks Fifth Avenue,’ and the airline ‘Volaris.’

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Therefore, Slim took charge of his first successful European acquisition, Telekom Austria, on April 23, 2014. Slim sees this as an ideal opportunity to expand into the Central and Eastern European markets, as the company has already established mobile services in seven European nations.

He became the largest individual stakeholder in ‘The New York Times Company’ on January 15, 2015, with a 16.8 percent stake. Slim bought these shares using money borrowed from the company when it was in trouble at the start of the US recession.


He began laying the foundations of Grupo Carso in 1965, when he was only 25 years old. Inmobiliaria Carso was founded in January 1966, three months before Carlos Domit Gemayel married Soumaya Domit Gemayel, thus the name Carso, which is a combination of Carlos’ first three letters and Soumaya’s first two letters.

He has been a prominent businessman in many industrial, real estate, and commercial industries since the 1980s. Carlos Slim and his Grupo Carso chose to invest extensively and actively in 1982, a key time in Mexico’s history with the debt crisis, nationalization of the banking sector, and the country’s finances practically immobilized.

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During this time, they made a variety of investments and acquisitions, one of which was Cigatam, which proved to be the first and most important because of its cash flow, allowing the Group to capitalize on available opportunities and thus increase its acquisitions of large companies such as Hulera el Centenario, Bimex, Hoteles Calinda (now OSTAR Grupo Hotelero), and Reynolds Aluminio.

CARLOS SLIM – Biography, Age, Family, Net-worth & Businesses

Grupo Financiero Inbursa was founded by combining Casa de Bolsa Inversora Bursátil, Seguros de México, and Fianzas La Guardiana after the purchase of Seguros de México was completed. Grupo Carso had taken over Artes Gráficas Unidas, Fábricas de Papel Loreto y Pea Pobre, and a majority position in Sanborns and its partner Dennys by 1985. In 1986, Minera FRISCO and Empresas Nacobre, as well as its affiliates, were purchased, as was ownership of the Euzkadi tire company, the market leader at the time, and a majority share in General Tire a few years later.

In 1990, the company purchased Telmex in a joint venture with SBC and France Telecom, ushering in a new age of entrepreneurial growth in a globally strategic industry. Telmex has built a world-class technological platform that has improved its procedures and reinforced its corporate culture over the last 16 years.

Over this time, Telmex has invested the equivalent of US$27.692 billion in Mexico’s telecommunications infrastructure, totaling more than US$30 billion when coupled with activities in Latin America.


Carlos Slim Helu and his family own América Móvil, Latin America’s largest mobile phone company.

Carlos Slim Helu is known as Mexico’s richest man.
Slim purchased a stake in Telmex, Mexico’s only phone carrier, in 1990 with the help of foreign telecom partners. América Móvil has acquired Telmex.

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CARLOS SLIM – Biography, Age, Family, Net-worth & Businesses

He also owns 17 percent of The New York Times and has investments in Mexican construction, consumer goods, mining, and real estate industries.

Slim’s enormous, varied art collection is housed in the Soumaya Museum in Mexico City, which was designed by his son-in-law Fernando Romero.

Slim and his family own 79 percent of Grupo Carso, one of Latin America’s largest businesses, which accounts for almost 8% of his net worth.

Carlos Slim has an estimated net worth of 88.6 billion USD.

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