Home News California sues Amazon, Claims Its Dominance Pushes Up Prices

California sues Amazon, Claims Its Dominance Pushes Up Prices

California sues Amazon, Claims Its Dominance Pushes Up Prices

California sues Amazon, Claims Its Dominance Pushes Up Prices

California sues Amazon, Claims Its Dominance Pushes Up Prices

California is suing Amazon, accusing the company of violating the state’s antitrust and unfair competition laws by allegedly stifling competition and forcing sellers to maintain higher prices on their products on other sites.

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In the lawsuit, filed Wednesday in San Francisco Superior Court, California Attorney General Rob Bonta claims that Amazon uses contract provisions to effectively bar third-party sellers and wholesale suppliers from offering lower prices for products on non-Amazon sites, including on their own websites. That, in turn, harms the ability of other retailers to compete, according to the complaint.

“Without basic price competition, without different online sites trying to outdo each other with lower prices, prices artificially stabilize at levels higher than would be the case in a competitive market,” the complaint states.

California sues Amazon, Claims Its Dominance Pushes Up Prices

According to the suit, merchants who don’t follow Amazon’s pricing policy could have their products stripped from prominent listings on Amazon and face other sanctions, such as suspensions or terminations of their accounts.

The suit seeks to stop Amazon from entering into contracts with sellers that harm price competition, as well as a court order to compel Amazon to pay damages to the state for increased prices. State officials did not say how much money they are seeking.

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The 84-page lawsuit mirrors another complaint filed last year by the District of Columbia, which was dismissed by a district judge earlier this year and is now going through an appeals process.

But officials in California believe they won’t encounter a similar fate, partly due to information collected during a more than a two-year investigation that involved subpoenas and interviews with sellers, Amazon’s competitors as well as current and former employees at the company.

“Blocking Competition”

Seattle-based Amazon controls roughly 38% of online sales in the U.S., more than that of Walmart, eBay, Apple, Best Buy and Target combined, according to the research firm Insider Intelligence. A report from Democrats in Congress estimated Amazon’s share at about 50%. About 2 million sellers list their products on Amazon’s third-party marketplace, accounting for 58% of the company’s retail sales.

During a news conference on Wednesday, Bonta said some vendors have expressed they would offer lower prices on other sites with lower seller fees, but don’t do so to avoid punishment from Amazon.

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“Amazon has stifled its competition for years, not by successfully competing, but by blocking competition on price,” Bonta said. “As a result, California families paid more, and now Amazon must pay the price.”

He said the lawsuit is also a message to other companies who “illegally bend the market at the expense of California consumers, small business owners, and the economy.”

Amazon did not immediately reply to a request for comment from the Associated Press. The company has said in the past that sellers set their own prices on the platform. It has also said it has the right to avoid highlighting products that are not priced competitively.

California Sues Amazon, Claims Its Dominance Pushes Up Prices

Despite that defense, Amazon’s market power has been the subject of scrutiny from lawmakers and advocacy groups calling for stricter antitrust regulations.

Earlier this year, congressional lawmakers urged the Justice Department to investigate if the company collects data on sellers to develop competing products and offer them more prominently on its site. Critics have also lambasted the increasing fees Amazon imposes on sellers, which makes it more difficult for merchants to enter the market.

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Lawmakers on Capitol Hill have been pushing bipartisan legislation aiming to limit Amazon and other Big Tech companies, including Apple, Meta, and Google, from favoring their own products and services over rivals. The bill has cleared key committees but has languished in Congress for months amid intense pushback from the companies.

Meanwhile, regulators have also been looking into Amazon’s business practices and deals. In July, the company offered concessions to settle two antitrust investigations in the European Union, including a promise to apply equal treatment to all sellers when ranking product offers on the site’s “buy box,” a coveted spot that makes items more visible to shoppers.

In the U.S., the Federal Trade Commission is investigating Amazon’s $3.9 billion acquisition of the primary health organization One Medical as well as the sign-up and cancellation practices of Amazon Prime, the company’s paid subscription service that offers deals and faster shipping.

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