Home Car/Auto Insurance Best Car Insurance Quotes In 2022 (Updated)

Best Car Insurance Quotes In 2022 (Updated)

Best Car Insurance Quotes In 2022 (Updated)
Best Car Insurance Quotes In 2022 (Updated)

Best Car Insurance Quotes In 2022 (Updated)

Best Car Insurance Quotes In 2022 (Updated)

Some insurance companies offer less expensive rates for particular drivers than others depending on a range of variables, including geography, driving history, credit score, and more.

Ideally, the first step you should take when deciding the best car insurance company for you is to get quotes from all of them and pick based on your needs and budget. Compare the top vehicle insurance providers if you’re seeking the most cost-effective firms that also give the most value for money in terms of pricing, customer support, and policy options.

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But not to worry, we have done the work and have examined the insurance companies with the best car insurance quotes below.

Top 5 Best Car Insurance Quotes In 2022 (Updated)

The insurance companies that offer the best car insurance rates are USAA and State Farm. Even though only active military personnel, veterans, or their families are eligible, USAA costs on average $36 per month.  For minimum-liability insurance, State Farm charges an average monthly rate of $44, which is 26% less than the national average. Farm Bureau Insurance ($39 per month) and Auto-Owners ($40 per month) are the least expensive among the other smaller, national insurance providers. With $42 a month, Erie is a close third.

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Because they are in a competitive market with much larger corporations, smaller auto insurance providers occasionally offer lower prices. Some further offer greater local expertise or a more individualized touch because they are headquartered in your state or neighborhood. 

List Of Best Car Insurance Quotes in 2022 Below 


Insurance Company Monthly Cost
USAA $36
Farm Bureau $39 
Erie $42
State Farm $44
Geico $56

Best Car Insurance Quotes For 2022 


The best car insurance quote in 2022 is that of USAA. For individuals who qualify, USAA consistently beats typical car insurance quotes by $24 per month, making it the least expensive auto insurance provider by quite a little. Washington, D.C., and all 50 states are covered by USAA for drivers, but only those who are in the military or who have served in the past may qualify. 

However, it covers nearly the same number of drivers as other well-known brands like Progressive and Allstate while being the fifth-largest auto insurance provider in the nation.

In addition to offering competitive rates, USAA is notable for having one of the best reputations for customer service in the market. Every year, the business tops J.D. Power’s Auto Insurance Claims Satisfaction Study. The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) has a low complaint index for USAA, indicating that customers do not frequently complain about support or claims.

2. Farm Bureau

The second best car insurance quote in 2022 is offered by Farm Bureau. With an average monthly premium of $107, Farm Bureau offers the most affordable vehicle insurance for drivers with bad credit. For drivers with bad credit, Farm Bureau’s average rate is 12% less expensive than the national average.

Farm Bureau operates similarly to AAA (not on this list) in that almost every state has a branch that provides members with affordable insurance plans and other advantages. Despite its name, anyone can join, not just farmers, but you must pay a yearly membership fee, which can cost anything between $20 and $100. 

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Discounts on automobile purchases, farm equipment, foodstuffs, healthcare, vacation, and more are among the membership benefits. When compared to individuals with great credit, insurance quotations for drivers with bad credit are approximately 99 per cent higher on average. A smart approach to receiving significant savings on your insurance coverage is to raise your credit score.

3. Erie

The third best car insurance quote is that of Erie.  Specifically for motorists with a traffic infraction or accident on their record, Erie offers a number of the most affordable auto insurance quotes they should go for. Additionally, if you have a DUI (driving while intoxicated) on your driving record, it’s unlikely that you’ll find a better rate. Erie also has the lowest post-accident rate hikes for car insurance.

If you receive a ticket, Erie will only boost your rates on average by 7%, as opposed to the majority of insurers who raise rates by 22% or more. Erie will only increase your rates by 25% less than the typical 44 per cent in the event of a collision when you were at fault. Additionally, the average monthly premium in Erie is $188 after a DUI, a 64 per cent increase while others are significantly more enormous.

Lastly, Erie has a good selection of insurance alternatives and a solid reputation for customer service. Customers of Erie who are qualified for its Rate Lock program can avoid premium increases that might cause rates to gradually increase over time. 

With this special program, consumers won’t experience pricing increases unless one of three circumstances occurs: they move to a new neighborhood or alter the location of their automobile; they add or remove a person from their insurance, or they add or remove a vehicle.

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This means that even if you receive a ticket or make a claim, your auto insurance prices won’t increase. The downside to Erie, however, is that it is only available in 12 states.

4. State Farm

The fourth best car insurance quote in 2022 is State Farm. Being the biggest auto insurance provider in the US, State Farm offers the most affordable prices in 29 states. Additionally, it has a vast network of regional agents, so you may probably find a State Farm agent in your city who can assist you in comparing rates.

Given that USAA has eligibility requirements and Farm Bureau and Auto-Owners are overwhelmingly expensive when you add additional coverage, State Farm is the best and most affordable auto insurance provider for the majority of drivers.

In terms of policy possibilities, State Farm receives top rankings. It provides roadside assistance, rideshare insurance, and pet coverage. Additionally, customers have lots of possibilities for bundling services to further reduce charges.

State Farm customers who drive safely can sign up for initiatives like Drive Safe & Save to get reasonable prices. Additionally, you may be eligible for several savings, such as the anti-theft, multi-car, and accident-free discounts. Nevertheless, depending on your state, State Farm might not offer the most affordable auto insurance rates. 

You may be able to find lower rates from regional providers like Erie, Farm Bureau, and Auto-Owners, particularly if you simply require basic liability coverage.

5. Geico

The fifth best car insurance quote in 2022 is offered by Geico. Second, only to State Farm among the generally available providers, Geico offers some of the most affordable auto insurance in the nation. Depending on your location, Geico might offer you more affordable estimates than State Farm. Geico is the least expensive insurance provider in seven states, notably Florida and California.

When it regards potential reductions and savings, Geico stands out. Although the average cost of Geico’s auto insurance is slightly higher than that of State Farm, you may end up paying less overall if you are eligible for one of the various discounts offered by Geico.

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Geico offers one of the most comprehensive lists of discounts, and compared to most companies, Geico offers greater savings with each deal. Geico, for instance, offers cautious drivers a discount of up to 22% instead of the industry standard of 10%. Anti-theft devices can reduce your insurance costs by up to 15% on average, but Geico guarantees savings of up to 23%.

Geico’s average customer service in comparison to other large insurance providers is one of its drawbacks. The majority of customer grievances center on delayed or refused claims. Additionally, Geico does not provide gap coverage for financed or leased vehicles.

How To Get Best Car Insurance Quotes Online 

You can keep the process of obtaining vehicle insurance rates online quick and simple with a little forward preparation. Furthermore, you’ll get quotes which are as reliable as possible with the appropriate information. The more information you can supply, the better, as quotes are highly tailored and based on information about who you are and the vehicle you drive. 

Here is the fundamental procedure for obtaining online vehicle insurance rates.

1. Select Your Level of Protection

Every state has different minimum requirements for insurance, yet occasionally these are insufficient to cover all associated costs. For instance, if your state mandates $25,000 in bodily injury liability insurance but you cause an incident that results in $50,000 in medical expenses for other parties involved, you will be responsible for paying the balance that your insurance company does not pay. To prevent this kind of circumstance, you can choose greater policy limits.

2. Gather the Data They Will Need

You must supply the make, model, and mileage of your car in addition to the vehicle identification number (VIN). All drivers of the car must also supply their names, birthdates, addresses, work details, and driver’s license numbers, as well as their social security number. 

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Even if you want to use an online quote calculator, the online quote calculators will also inquire about your driving history and current insurance coverage.

3. Obtain a price estimate from a service or comparison tool

You can normally visit the website of any significant provider to get online vehicle insurance rates. The largest auto insurance providers typically provide an online tool for prospective clients to request free quotations. When you’ve got your information ready, you will use at least 10 minutes to fill out the quote form.

Comparing many quotes is always a wise move. Either fill out numerous forms on various websites or utilize a quote comparison tool.


Although these are the best insurance quotes in 2022 on a general scale, your state and your peculiarities as a person will determine which is best for you. Using the steps above, always make sure you compare and pay attention to changes and clauses on their website before making a choice.


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