ARM Unveils Data And Modeling Institute

ARM Unveils Data And Modeling Institute

ARM Unveils Data And Modeling Institute

ARM Unveils Data And Modeling Institute

The introduction of the Data and Modeling Institute (DMI) by Actuarial Risk Management Ltd. (ARM), a supplier of advisory actuarial services, is intended to improve insurers’ actuarial activities and address the industry’s supply-demand imbalance for actuarial talent.

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According to the corporation, the DMI will offer insurance company clients a strategic way to outsource, in whole or in part, either their regular actuarial tasks or ad hoc, unanticipated requests. According to ARM, it makes it easier for personnel to refocus on strategy and value-added jobs.

With the DMI comes a highly talented and experienced actuarial modeling team throughout the Latin America (LATAM) region, with an average of five years of actuarial modeling experience, and over half of the team have achieved their full regional actuarial credentials.


The team consists of experts in model management and governance, data analytics, regulatory requirements, and data engineering. According to ARM, it is strategically established for the region’s strong talent pool and easily accessible time zones.

ARM Unveils Data And Modeling Institute

The Institute is within five hours of local strategic advisory consultants in North America, the UK, and most of the European Union, the firm added.

Corwin Zass, Principal Founder at ARM commented: “External forces driven by regulation, technological advances, market volatility, pricing pressures, and emerging risks create more tasks for already overwhelmed and inadequate internal resources.

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“The ARM strategy is very timely in this post-COVID environment. Our DMI program offers the only long-term, cost-effective solution for insurers to address this ever-growing supply-demand imbalance through our blended resource model.”

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